CGOS Style – Columbia Guide to Online Citation Style

CGOS comes from the Columbia Guide to Online Style and can be used when citing online sources that fall into the humanities or sciences in school. There are different features when it comes to humanities and sciences when citing references.

When citing references for humanities, use a MLA style when citing within the text. There should be the page and paragraph number cited for the online source used. However, this is only provided when it is given online.

In the area of works cited, use the MLA style formatting as well for humanities works. This should have the author or authors and titles, as well as the basic print information too. Afterwards there should be the online source information added. There should be included the available information in the order indicated and each should end with a period. Keep in mind, that if the database is licensed, than the url can be eliminated and the access is limited only to a specific institution or library.


Last Name of Author, First Name. ”Document Title.” Print Information for the Book or Article in MLA Style. Title Of Work or Website. Version Number, Volume, Issue or Access Number. Date of Online Posting or Last Update. Url.

Author’s Last Name, First Name Initials or Initials. (Date of Publication).

When citing references for sciences use the APA Style in the text with the Author’s Name and date of the online publication. This should be the Author or Author’s Last Name, Year of Publication.

APA Style is followed for citing the references as well. There should be any information that is available in the order indicated and ending each with a period. The Url can be left out if the database is licensed or access has been limited to a certain library or institution.


Author’s Last Name, First Name Initials or Initials. (Date of Publication). Title of Online Work. Any print information. Title of Complete Work, Online Service or Site. Volume, Version or Issue Number added. Url.

5 Responses to CGOS Style – Columbia Guide to Online Citation Style

  1. Tony

    Wow, this is amazing I struggled so much last semester trying to get online citations figured out with no avail. Now, I’m so ready to do them thanks to your killer tips. Thank you so much.

  2. Jon

    This is going to save me this December when finals are breathing down my neck. I can’t wait to use these tips.

  3. Tom

    Your going a lifesaver, this is what I struggled with the most this past year, now I am going to blow away my professors with my papers especially when all my citations are correct.

  4. Jeremy

    Seriously, with how easy it is to get info on the web now, it’s so important that all your citations are 100% correct. I will be sure to pass this on to my buddies who use wikipedia and everyother online resource out there to write their papers.

  5. Bryan

    This is great, my professor last year totally hammered us on this exact topic. Especially since over 90% of the papers had online citations in them. Now I know what I’m doing so I won’t screw it up again. Thank a million.