How To Write A Proposal Essay

If your looking to sell the reader on why a particular idea is the best solution to a given problem, your looking to write a proposal essay. When writing a proposal essay, you are trying to convince the reader and the more organized you are, the better. Part of the proposal essay is to look at the need for the proposal and to analyze why it is the best choice.

A major part of a proposal essay is making sure you are familiar with the topic. You need to know the problem, the solution(s) and the best way to solve the problem. This type of essay requires a lot of research and for you to look at all the options and ways to solve the problem. Once this has completed you will proceed by narrowing down all the choices to the one you feel is best, and than selling the reader on the idea. You will need to build a strong argument why this solution is the best as you will be presenting the best solution to solve the given problem. In addition, you will also need to understand the nature of the problem and be able to organize all your thoughts and information in a way the reader agrees with you and will see it is only the best solution to the problem.

Obviously, this is where the research comes in. You are giving your reader the proposed solution and why it is best, so you’ll need to back assertions up with research and knowledge depending on the topic. You will need to know what any other solutions and why they are not effective as your proposed solution.

When writing a proposal essay, it needs to be clear, concise and to the point. It has to be backed up by research and facts and not opinions. It has to be very clear what is being proposed and why. Keep in mind, in the proposal essay you will want to take the reader from understanding what the problem is and then take them to the given solution in a clear and concise manner, so they agree and accept the given solution.

The format of a proposal essay should be as follows:

Introduction in the first paragraph. This should include the background of the problem and the thesis, which is the solution to the problem.

Write the body of the proposal essay. There should include the paragraphs that support the given reasons why the proposal is the best solution. There should be separate paragraphs that cover each supporting reason as to why the proposed solution is the best.

The conclusion should cover the problem again and go over the proposed solution in summary, but rewritten with different words than you originally used in the thesis statement.

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  1. Jacob

    I think my problem with writing proposals is my lack of organisation, If I can improve in that area then my essays will also improve.

  2. Donald Harris

    I personally think this is the easiest type of essay to write, If you are enthusiastic about your solution to a problem, writing that solution as a proposal essay becomes straightforward and your enthusiasm will show through.

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    This is so useful for my work. I’ve been having troubles trying to type out this essay on why we should buy water, but couldn’t find the right words for it. This will come in handy.

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    This will surely help me with my debate essay! I’ve been confused about how to write this paper and been worrying about what grade I would get. Thank you so much!

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